Telehealth Consults

These appointments are bulk billed to eligible patients who qualify under the following criteria:

Patients who have seen their GP at THIS practice in the last 12 months AND at least one of the following apply:

a)  has been diagnosed with COVID-19 & is not a patient of a hospital OR

b)  people isolating themselves at home on the advice of a medical practitioner, in accordance with home isolation guidance issued by the AHPPC, and people who meet the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection after consultation with either the national COVID-19 hotline, state COVID-19 hotlines, registered medical or nursing practitioner or COVID-19 trained health clinic triage staff.

c)  patient meets the criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection

d)  is considered more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus being:

  • over the age of 70 years old
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent over the age of 50 years old
  • Pregnant
  • A parent of a child under the age of 12 months
  • Currently under treatment for a chronic health condition & are immunocompromised

PRIVATE FEES will apply to patients requesting a telehealth consult but do not fit the criteria. A receptionist will phone you prior to speaking with your GP, to pay for the consult & then connect you through. Currently there is no Medicare rebate available but it is in Government discussion.

Telehealth Phone Consults:

Book online here via the HotDoc app or phone the Practice on 9535 4644.

Please confirm the phone number you wish the GP to contact you on at booking & be ready to answer the phone close to your appointment time.

(If possible – please take your temperature if you have a thermometer & your blood pressure if you own a machine prior to your phone consult. Have your results ready for your GP)


Telehealth Video Consults:

Please phone the Practice for these consults. Eligibility is as per above.

Instructions: Ensure you have SKYPE downloaded to your phone, tablet, PC or laptop & search for Mandurah Medical Centre (with our logo).

Once Mandurah Medical Centre has been selected, at your appointment time press the camera button. You will connect with a staff member who will setup the consult between yourself and the GP.

Keep safe and stay home if you are unwell