Measles Alert!!

Posted: 16/10/2019
To our patients and the surrounding community…

👉You may be aware about the increase in measles cases currently reported through the media.
🥵Symptoms of the measles include: Fever + rash OR fever + red eyes + cough/runny nose.
😷If you have these symptoms or wish to see your GP, please advise reception upon booking your appointment.
😷Upon entry to the Practice – please go straight to the measles station at the main entrance. Immediately put on a mask & use the sanitiser available. Then go straight to reception who will direct you to an isolated room.
👉This protocol is in place to help prevent further outbreak of the Measles Virus
The Department of Health recommends the Measles Immunisation for:
✔️Children aged 12 months and 18 months
✔️Children aged 6 months to 12 months who are travelling to an area where measles is common or an outbreak is occurring. Children vaccinated prior to 12 months of age will still require 2 further doses
✔️Anyone born during or since 1966 who has not had 2 doses of the measles vaccine. People born between 1966 and 1994 may have only received one dose of measles vaccine in childhood
✔️Healthcare workers, if they have not had 2 doses of the measles vaccine
✔️People working in early childhood education and care, if they have not had 2 doses of the vaccine
✔️People working in long-term care or other residential facilities, if they have not had 2 doses of the vaccine
✔️People who are travelling overseas, if they have not had 2 doses of the vaccine.
Further information can be found here:Department Of Health webpage and at Healthy WA webpage