How We Are Looking After Our Patients

Mandurah Medical Centre is committed to ensuring the risk to our patients and staff are kept to a minimum.

What we are doing:

⚠️ There are signs located at the two main entrances to the building.  DO NOT ENTER if you are presenting with a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath PLUS have returned from an overseas trip OR had contact with someone diagnosed or suspected of having Coronavirus in the last 14 days before getting sick.

⚠️Hand Sanitiser station is located at the front desk – you must use this on arrival before taking a seat to wait for your appointment.

 We are asking patients to download and use the HOTDOC (online booking app). This allows patients to sit and wait in their car, check in to their consult via the app & be notified when they are next in queue to see their GP.

⚠️ Telehealth consults are available for ELIGIBLE ONLY patients. Please click on    at the top of our webpage or download HotDoc app and select the Telehealth (Phone Consult) appointment type. This service is not available to New Patients. (If you are unsure, please phone reception on 9535 4644)

⚠️ We are CASH LESS – all accounts are required to paid via card (account selection or Pay wave)

⚠️ We have removed some of our chairs in all waiting rooms – this minimises the risk of contact between patients.

⚠️ Items that cannot be effectively cleaned such as magazines, kids colouring-in have been removed from waiting rooms areas for now.

⚠️ Reception Line: please stay behind the orange line located in front of our reception desk. This is to minimise physical and airborne contact between patients and staff.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.