Helping you to prevent your next fall…..

As we get older, our bodies become a little less steady and falls can become more common. In Western Australia, it’s reported that someone is admitted to hospital every 20mins for a falls injury.
Physiotherapy can help to reduce your risk of falling with a tailored strength and balance program.

If you resonate with any of the below questions, please consider speaking with our team about a falls risk assessment with our on-site physiotherapist.
1. Have you already celebrated your 65th birthday?
2. Have you had a fall in the last 12 months?
3. Have you noticed any changes in your mobility and/or balance?
4. Is it easier for you to get assistance with things like housework, laundry, cooking and shopping?
5. Are you taking three or more medications?
6. Do you have a chronic health condition such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart disease, or Parkinson’s disease?
7. Do you experience dizziness?

Falls can be prevented.

If you’re interested to learn more, please give us a call on 08 9538 4644 and ask to speak to Caitlin, our on-site Physiotherapist. Alternatively, you can make an appointment online at


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Do you have any wound warning signs? Don’t ignore! Take advice today!

What is a wound?

A wound is any damage or break in the skin surface. Wounds can be accidental, surgical or because of an underlying disease such as diabetes or vascular disease. It also includes changes to the skin with aging.

What are chronic wounds?

Where acute wounds usually heal quickly without major complications, chronic wounds can take more than 3 months to heal or they are recurring. They can heal with proper treatment.

Wound Types:


A skin tear is an acute wound caused by shear, friction or blunt force resulting in separation of the skin layers. They are a major type of acute wound in the ageing population and have a high risk of becoming chronic wounds. This is because as we age the skin becomes thinner, frailer and more prone to injury.


Including bed sores – they range drom small superficial owunds to large deep wounds.


A complication of Diabetes – if not treated, they can lead to amutation


A wound between the knee and ankle joint. Healing process can be slow due to problems with veins within the leg.


Burns are injuries to the skin or deeper tissues & can be caused by fire, hot objects, hot liquids, radiation eg; sunburn, electricity, extreme cold, lightning and some chemicals. They range in seveerity from first degree burns (affecting superficial skin layers) to fourth degree burns ( involving deeper tissue such as muscle & bone)


Buruli (also known in Australia as the Bairnsdale) ulcer is a skin disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium ulcerans. It releases a toxin that destroys skin, blood vessels and underlying tissues leading to an open wound. Large ulcers can occur on the arms or legs.

SYMPTOMS OF BURULI ULCER: There are several ways a Buruli Ulcer can present itself. It can start as a spot that appears like a mosquito or spider bite (generally on the arms or legs). It then increases in size over days and weeks sometimes forming a crusty, non-healing scab. The scab then turns into an ulcer that grows in size.

PREVENTION OF BURULI ULCER: Although the exact cause of infection in people is not known, it makes sense to protect yourself from potential sources of infection such as soil and insect bites by: Wear gardening gloves, long-sleeved shirts and trousers when working outdoors Avoid insect bites by using suitable insect repellents Protect cuts or abrasions with sticking plasters Promptly wash and cover any scratches or cuts you receive while working outdoors See your doctor if you have a slow-healing skin lesion

Signs of a wound not healing:

  • the area around the wound is swollen, red, hot & painful
  • Fluid from the wound is discoloured, thick or excessive
  • the wound has not decreased in size over 4-6 weeks
  • the wound bleeds regularly &/or becomes black or yellow


Please speak to your GP if you have any queries regarding a wound that is not healing. Phone the Practice on 9535 4644 to make an appointment.

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We warmly welcome Jessica Burton!!

Jessica is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a passion for providing patient centered care to help empower others to improve their health and reach their goals. Her interests lie in weight management, chronic disease management, mental health and more! Jess is passionate about helping others understand how good nutrition impacts their well being and can make a vast difference to the way they feel.

Clients can be seen:

  • Privately (rebatable through Private Health if Dietitian is selected)
  • under an EPC Referral
  • DVA Gold card (no charge) – Home Visits available!!
  • Eligible DVA White card holders.

Jessica has appointments available at Mandurah Medical Centre every Wednesday from 8:30am – 4:00pm

For more information on Fuel Your Life – visit their Facebook Page and webpage

For an appointment or further information, please phone the Practice on 9535 4644 or email us here

Private only consult bookings are available online at HotDoc

Has your child been diagnosed with Asthma? Are they heading back to school? 

Do they have an up to date Asthma Action Plan so the school staff are aware of what to do in an emergency?

 At Mandurah Medical Centre, we can help!

Together our Practice Nurses and GP’s can provide an individualised Asthma Action Plan & education for you and your child’s condition.

 You can use the information & education provided during the GP consult to talk with your child’s teacher and school regarding their condition and management. Also provide them a copy of the Asthma Action Plan.

 Providing the school with additional medication/ reliever and spacer will also assist in case of Asthma flare-ups. (see your Pharmacist)

  Book your child in with our GP’s to discuss their current and future Asthma needs.

 To make an appointment, please phone 9535 4644 or email


Helpful Webpages & Support Services:

  • Manage my Asthma Kids Club Website:
  • 1800 ASTHMA Helpline is a free and confidential information and support telephone service for anyone with questions or concerns about asthma.