Just Because It’s Autumn – Doesn’t Mean You Stop Checking Your Spots!!

Autumn is the ideal time of year to get your skin checked. The UV levels are slightly lower and for some, less time is spent outdoors. We still need to reapply sunscreen (at least 30+) to exposed areas such as your face, hands, lips and ears.

If you do notice a spot on your skin looking different from the others, or its changing in size, bleeding or itching… it should be examined by your GP.

Please phone the Practice on 9535 4644 or book online here for a Skin Check appointment.


We warmly welcome Jessica Burton!!

Jessica is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a passion for providing patient centered care to help empower others to improve their health and reach their goals. Her interests lie in weight management, chronic disease management, mental health and more! Jess is passionate about helping others understand how good nutrition impacts their well being and can make a vast difference to the way they feel.

Clients can be seen:

  • Privately (rebatable through Private Health if Dietitian is selected)
  • under an EPC Referral
  • DVA Gold card (no charge) – Home Visits available!!
  • Eligible DVA White card holders.

Jessica has appointments available at Mandurah Medical Centre every Wednesday from 8:30am – 4:00pm

For more information on Fuel Your Life – visit their Facebook Page and webpage

For an appointment or further information, please phone the Practice on 9535 4644 or email us here

Private only consult bookings are available online at HotDoc

If you are aged between 70-79 years old – you are eligible for a free Zoster Vaccine!

Why do I need this? What does the vaccine protect me from?

Shingles can have serious complications, especially older Australians

The risk of shingles increases with age. It can strike at any time. People over the age of 60 are especially more prone to this virus. The Varicella Zoster Virus (the same virus as chickenpox) lays dormant in the nerves & can activate at any time… causing SHINGLES.

At present, there is no way to predict its occurrence, severity & length of healing time.

The pain from this virus can be described as excruciating, burning, throbbing and stabbing which can affect your everyday life and sleep patterns. There is currently no cure for this virus.

For more information on government funded prevention and treatments options, please phone the Practice on 9535 4644 to book an appointment with your GP or book online here.


Helpful Webpages & Support Services:



Has your child been diagnosed with Asthma? Are they heading back to school? 

Do they have an up to date Asthma Action Plan so the school staff are aware of what to do in an emergency?

 At Mandurah Medical Centre, we can help!

Together our Practice Nurses and GP’s can provide an individualised Asthma Action Plan & education for you and your child’s condition.

 You can use the information & education provided during the GP consult to talk with your child’s teacher and school regarding their condition and management. Also provide them a copy of the Asthma Action Plan.

 Providing the school with additional medication/ reliever and spacer will also assist in case of Asthma flare-ups. (see your Pharmacist)

  Book your child in with our GP’s to discuss their current and future Asthma needs.

 To make an appointment, please phone 9535 4644 or email reception@mandurahmedical.com.au


Helpful Webpages & Support Services:

  • Manage my Asthma Kids Club Website: www.managemyasthma.com.au
  • 1800 ASTHMA Helpline is a free and confidential information and support telephone service for anyone with questions or concerns about asthma.
  • https://www.asthmaaustralia.org.au/



Mandurah Medical is offering our patients aged between 45 – 49 years a free Health Check through our Better Health Program.

This health check is designed to assist with early prevention and intervention of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease & other chronic illnesses.

The appointment will consist of:-

  • Medical History update
  • Results of Cholesterol, fasting Glucose & other requested bloods
  • ECG & Blood Pressure
  • COPD Risk Assessment
  • Review & recommendations by your GP
  • Advise, education & information

If you would like to book in for this FREE service, please either speak to one of our receptionists or contact the surgery on 9535 4644 or email reception@mandurahmedical.com.au

To arrange a Blood Pathology collection form (which must be completed prior to your appointment) please speak to reception when you book in for your Health Check.